Immerse Prebiotic Body Wash

Immerse Prebiotic Body Wash

"Immerse" Prebiotic Body Wash is a 100% all natural cleanser formulated  to clean and keep your body refreshed, moisturized and replenished like no other body cleanser on the market. "Immerse" is totally unique in stimulating the vital micro-organisms on the skin in a way that stabilizes pH. This natural process creates perfect conditions for collagen reproduction and eliminates collagen degradation so the skin will always be radiant, healthy and young looking.

"Immerse" Prebiotic Body Wash is 100% organic, nontoxic, biodegradable and GMO free.

 Best uses for Immerse:

• Full body cleanser for silky soft skin

• Can be used as a shampoo for beautiful and balanced hair

• Stabilizes pH and eliminates body odor

• Helps for reduction in burns and fresh scars

• Body Eczema

• Body Psoriasis

• Reduction in sun spots

• Reduction in spider veins

 16 oz.

Ingredients:  Water, Coconut  Oil, Aloe, Sea Salt, Kelp, Citric Acid, Glycerin (Plant Derived)


EWG score: 1