Organic Castile Soap
The Optimist Co

Organic Castile Soap

This concentrated liquid soap is made from plant-based organic oils and is not only gentile on your ski, but highly effective for cleaning. The opportunities for cleaning an personal use are endless with this natural liquid soap. 

Scent: Unscented

To Use: Use directly from the bottle or dilute for desired use. Optional: add your favorite essential oils 

12 uses to jumpstart your natural cleaning

Hand Soap - Produce Wash - Dish Soap - Floor Cleaner - Pet Wash - Countertop Cleaner - Rug Spot Cleaner - Body Wash - Toy Cleaner - Laundry Stain Remover - Bathroom Cleaner - Pet Wash 

Why the amber bottle? It’s not just pretty to look at. Our amber bottles protect the power of the essential oils we use and are recyclable. We pride ourselves on our green packaging options.


EWG Ingredient Scores:

saponified organic oils of coconut- 1 



organic aloe vera-0 

organic rosemary extract-0