No71 Clarify Hair
Elyse Marie Botanicals

No71 Clarify Hair

This product is derived from only 3 ingredients that are specifically formulated to naturally absorb excess oils and alleviate itchiness and irritation, while providing the hair with supple, translucent texture, and incredible volume. Go an extra day...or three without even having to think about washing the hair. 

Cruelty Free - Chemical Free - Plant Based

EWG Ingredient Links:

sodium bicarbonate**-0

zea Mays (corn) starch***-1

lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil*-0


**aluminum free

***organic & No GMO

Directions: By hand, or on dry hair with a powder brush applicator dip lightly into jar and apply a small amount of powder at at time into the scalp in a circular motion until the powder dissolves into the oils of the scalp.  Repeat as necessary.

2 oz - 56 g