Puremedy Intensive Skin Repair - 1oz

Puremedy Intensive Skin Repair - 1oz

Intensive Skin Repair - for skin that requires deep repair.  This advanced repair with organic argan oil and organic sea buckthorn oil will fundamentally change and improve the quality of your skin.


EWG ingredients scores:

http://bit.ly/1ICBfh8: 0

http://bit.ly/1IRLXQ8: 0

http://bit.ly/1PfiGUH: 2

http://bit.ly/1Pfgi0d: 0

http://bit.ly/1JDXKSG: 0

http://bit.ly/1TXAXJ5: 0

http://bit.ly/1NkmliM: 0

http://bit.ly/1Ini8uL: 0

http://bit.ly/1EuHKRq: 1