No35 Refresh Face
Elyse Marie Botanicals

No35 Refresh Face

Consisting of only 3 ingredients this facial mist is versatile, mild, and delicate in comparison to other like products. This product elevates the typical concept of a toner into more of an experience in both aroma and contact on skin.  It includes its beneficial herbal properties that are suitable for all skin types.  When applied on cleansed skin this soothing astringent tones, tightens, and balances the skin and hormones, making it an essential step within the cleansing process both internally and externally.  It can aslo be used to set makeup or as a mid day refresher.

Cruelty Free - Chemical Free - Plant Based

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, spray directly onto skin. Allow the toner to dry and follow with facial moisturizer. May also be used to refresh skin , to set makeup, and as a quick cleanse throughout the day.

2 fl oz - 59 mL


EWG Ingredient Links:

witch hazel distillate*-1

 rosa damascena (rose) distillate-1

distilled water-1

*organic & alchol free