Hemorrhoid Relief - 1oz

Hemorrhoid Relief - 1oz

Our new Hemorrhoid Relief Salve includes Thuja which is used for Hemorrhoid relief, and soothing cocoa butter along with all the ingredients in our Original Healing Salve.  Apply to clean area 2 times per day and cover with tissue to protect undergarments from staining.  Symptoms should subside within the first week of use, with visible improvement within a few days.


EWG ingredients scores:

http://bit.ly/1ICBfh8: 0

http://bit.ly/1IRLXQ8: 0

http://bit.ly/1Pfgi0d: 0

http://bit.ly/1PffWH4: 0

http://bit.ly/1JDXKSG: 0

http://bit.ly/1TXAXJ5: 0

http://bit.ly/1InjIgl: 0