Welcome to aware house!

Welcome to aware house!

The bourbon filled egg nog and binge eating were well worth it, but now you're ready to detox.  Cleaning up your act can be a bit daunting to say the least. You probably started with food.  You eat clean whenever possible and you feel the improvement in your overall health.  Now you want to tackle your personal care routine...and maybe some items for your home too.  

The other day, you picked up some aluminum-free deodorant from your local health food store and felt pretty great about it.   You didn't have time to check the label in the store but figured it had to be natural if it was sold at a health food store, right??  You try it out the next day and have high hopes.  You get to work and all you can focus on is your new cleanse.  The reports on your desk will have to wait.  You search EWG Skindeep hoping to find your new deodorant listed.  %$#@!  It's not listed.  %$#@.  You're serious about this detox though! You push through, entering each ingredient onnnne...byyyy...onnnnnnne.  As you wade through some of the more innocuous ingredients, you think, "Who has time for this? Am I crazy? I do overreact sometimes...."  Hormone disruption and organ toxicity light up the screen. You knew you weren't crazy.  But the label said it has wild lavender in it?!  The deceit!  

You decide not to wash it off in the bathroom because, well, nobody wants to smell and the deodorant in your desk scores far worse on EWG.  As it turns out, that was a bad decision because by the end of the day you've got a gnarly rash...and you smell. Okay, maybe it's not quite as dramatic as your last break-up, but it's pretty defeating. 

Don't feel bad, we've been there. There are other deodorants out there!  You'll find the right one for you.   

Aware house is here to simplify things and make your clean living resolutions happen. Happy New Year!