Vitamin D and need both!

Vitamin D and need both!

I'm excited to introduce Lindsay Hoffmann to you all! She will be helping us maintain our space at Grant's in San Diego and also occasionally contributing to our social media efforts, blogging, newsletters, etc. Check out her very first blog post below. (I think it's pretty amazing!)


The days are long, the air smells sweet, the sky is clear, and I have this urge to put a tiny umbrella into each and every beverage. After having moved to California a year ago, I thought maybe I’d be jaded with that blissful feeling of the warm sun on my face; I am happy to report that that feeling so far is lasting, no matter where you reside.

Of course, with that joy comes that little voice telling me to put on my hat and sunscreen because the sun is NOT just a source of happiness and vitamin D, but also a potential fireball of skin-damaging rays. Hence, my summer look is a lovechild between California dreamin’ and Lydia from Beetlejuice (it works, I think). We all know it's important to safely soak up some rays and get your vitamin D. However, too much of a good thing can leave your skin a painful shade of pink. It's important to get in tune with how much sun your skin can handle. Pair this knowledge with the right tools and we can get back to enjoying our poolside umbrella-drinks...safely.

I know it’s tempting to throw on a sundress and get outside ASAP, but if you think you might be in the sun long enough to burn, pause. Before you put ANYTHING on, lay on some sunscreen. This way you’ll be less likely to miss key spots while trying to avoid your clothes, and it ensures you’re applying before you’re even outside and vulnerable. Physical blockers instantly protect so there's no need to delay your adventures! Seek shade and cover up as best you can throughout the day (the bigger the hat, the better, in my opinion!).

But which products should you use? Check out’s sunscreen database here to see their recommendations. When you’re shopping around, there are some ingredients commonly lurking in sunscreen to watch out for - oxybenzone, a synthetic estrogen that can be disruptive to hormone balance, and vitamin A, also labeled as retinol or retinyl palmitate. When used topically, vitamin A has been shown to quicken development of tumors and lesions... the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve, here! Look for mineral-based products using zinc-oxide, which offer full spectrum protection and peace of mind. As always, make sure to check the ingredients of all skincare products before purchasing.

San Diego-made Soul Spot is an easy read with just 5 simple ingredients and it's great for babies and surfers alike! 

Recently I’ve been loving Suntegrity, whose "5 In 1" Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen hits all the marks with EWG (check it out!) and keeps my skin glowing. It even has a tint (there are four shades) so I still look sun-kissed. And when the sun actually does kiss me? I just love it right back.